Tuckamore Design is a very small handcrafted card and print company based in Buffalo, New York. I'm a Canadian transplant, originally from Newfoundland. I've been a printmaker for 15 years, almost as long as I've been an architect. I never formally studied art, but I've taken classes from a handful of amazing artists at Dundarave Print Workshop in Vancouver, BC, and NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I love paper, especially since I spend a lot of hours every day working on a computer for my other business, Design Synergies Architecture.

I also love to create handcrafted greeting cards for everyday and seasonal occasions. When the inspiration hits (and I have time), I make the occasional original print. Every piece is printed by hand or on an etching press.

In the early days, my prints and cards were featured at the Canadian Craft Museum, the Craft Association of British Columbia shop, and various exhibits in Vancouver and Halifax. My cards have been sold in shops in the Maritime Provinces, Buffalo, NY, and most recently in Martinsburg, West Virginia! Through my Etsy site, my cards have been sent all over the world.

My work is influenced by Celtic and Art Nouveau design, by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and by the Arts & Crafts movement. I found inspiration for several years in my front porch container garden in the Elmwood Village in Buffalo, and now I'm daydreaming of spring in my new backyard garden.

My favourite medium is linoleum block printing, especially blind embossed prints (deeply impressed and printed without ink). I'm about to embark on a watercolour adventure, and I'm wondering how that will find its way into my printmaking....

Friday, December 21, 2012

The cobber's children...

"The cobbler's children have no shoes" refers to the phenomena 
where people who are successful at doing something 
but don't demonstrate that in their own personal lives.
Yes, it's true.  The architect's house is never finished (ahem), and the printmaker's Christmas cards are never made...on time.  Well, I can't speak for all printmakers, just me.  I'm sure that other printmakers are much better organized than I am.
Holiday Open Studios - @ the Clement Mansion, Buffalo
Being so busy, especially in the craft/art show season every fall, my own cards are always the last on the list.  You would think that I'd be on top of this.  

After all, I do this for a (part-time) living.  But with making cards & prints for my Etsy site and for shows, I have a hard time setting aside some time to design my own card.

I also started my architectural design & consulting business this fall, Design Synergies Architecture.  This is a very busy time of year for building design projects - a Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve deadline is not unheard of in the architecture world.
My friend Allie's card for Allieway Marketing Services.
I wanted to send out a card for Design Synergies this year,  but I've been flat-out busy this week with a new project and that didn't happen.  Oh well, next year....

 Designing my own Christmas card is the biggest challenge, not finding the time to make it. 
I cannot function on what I call the "retail calendar".  There's probably some official name or acronym for it, but you know what I'm talking about:  that infuriating schedule that dictates the display of Halloween candy at the end of August, and Christmas merchandise on the day after Halloween.  
Jennette's beautifully designed photo card
I get that retailers are purchasing their wares a season or two ahead of the rest of us.  But I cannot design Christmas cards in July.  I've tried.  I just can't get into it.  Therefore, I always leave the designing to the last minute, when I'm surrounded by all things Christmas.  And by then, I'm fully immersed in the show season, and have no time to do anything for myself.

Yes, I'll take some cheese with that w(h)ine....   
Julia's card - love it!
I love the handmade card from my friend Julia, which features her dog and her cute kid.  And my friend Jennette's card - more cute kids! - made with Shutterfly.  I thought about doing a photo collage card, showing pictures of our house renovation.  But it didn't feel Christmasey enough.  Pictures of old wallpaper just don't say "Holly Jolly" to me.

I did find time to carve a block of our house, and it took 4 days for the ink to dry.  I wasn't crazy about the proof that I printed, but then I got busy again and never got back to it.  
Proof of the "Our House" card.
And that means my own Christmas cards are officially going to be late this year.  It's December 21st, and I still haven't decided on the design.  There's a lot of pressure (okay, it's self-imposed) to come up with something new.  

I've been doing this for 16 years, so most of my family and friends have seen all of the old designs.  I admit - I did send out old cards a few years ago when I found myself in a similar time crunch. 

Last year, I had NO time at all, and sent out store-bought cards.  Yeah, I heard about THAT.

In my own defense, they were from the Paintbox Project, a fundraiser for the Roswell Park Cancer Center in Buffalo.  It was a very good cause.  So there.
Designs for the holiday text cards...
Last night, as my husband and I listened to traditional German carols, I had the idea that I could do an embossed card with "Merry Christmas" in German (for his heritage), Irish Gaelic (for part of my heritage), and English.  It seemed like a promising idea.  

But have you ever carved linoleum?  How about carving text in linoleum?  A lot of text.  

Yeah, I abandoned that idea and poured myself a glass of wine instead.

Maybe I'll send out recycled tags instead.  That's easier.
So, it's December 21st, and I still haven't come up with a card design.  It isn't going to happen in time to mail for Christmas.  I accept that.  

I'm switching gears to come up with a Happy New Year card instead.  And if that doesn't work, expect an Old Christmas Day card from me, to celebrate an old Newfoundland tradition.  I can get my cards out by January 6th, I think.  Maybe.

Whatever you celebrate, and on whatever day you celebrate it, I hope it's happy and peaceful.  Enjoy!

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