Tuckamore Design is a very small handcrafted card and print company based in Buffalo, New York. I'm a Canadian transplant, originally from Newfoundland. I've been a printmaker for 15 years, almost as long as I've been an architect. I never formally studied art, but I've taken classes from a handful of amazing artists at Dundarave Print Workshop in Vancouver, BC, and NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I love paper, especially since I spend a lot of hours every day working on a computer for my other business, Design Synergies Architecture.

I also love to create handcrafted greeting cards for everyday and seasonal occasions. When the inspiration hits (and I have time), I make the occasional original print. Every piece is printed by hand or on an etching press.

In the early days, my prints and cards were featured at the Canadian Craft Museum, the Craft Association of British Columbia shop, and various exhibits in Vancouver and Halifax. My cards have been sold in shops in the Maritime Provinces, Buffalo, NY, and most recently in Martinsburg, West Virginia! Through my Etsy site, my cards have been sent all over the world.

My work is influenced by Celtic and Art Nouveau design, by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and by the Arts & Crafts movement. I found inspiration for several years in my front porch container garden in the Elmwood Village in Buffalo, and now I'm daydreaming of spring in my new backyard garden.

My favourite medium is linoleum block printing, especially blind embossed prints (deeply impressed and printed without ink). I'm about to embark on a watercolour adventure, and I'm wondering how that will find its way into my printmaking....

Monday, May 10, 2010

A windy day at the Gardens

Buffalo Indie Market’s Mother’s Day show was a hit at the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Garden on Saturday, until the windstorm warnings…. Seriously!  It started as a beautiful sunny morning, but that changed by lunchtime.  Severe wind gusts rolled through the area, and the staff decided to close at 2:00, a few hours before their normal Saturday closing time.  I’m not sure how many people were there, but there was at least one tour bus and plenty of visitors who came by my table.   

I was running late all morning and just got myself there in time to set up.  So I thought I would take some outdoor photos after the show but the wind was really bad and the sky had clouded over.  It's a really lovely Victorian conservatory-styled structure, and the clear blue sky would have made a great backdrop, but the dark gray clouds - not so much.  Next time, I won't procrastinate!
My sales were better than at the Valentine’s Day show, so I was a happy camper. I sold some of my Gerbera Daisy and Celtic cards, and a Celtic-inspired print that I’ve been carrying around for about 10 years! Glad that it found a new home. I also had some great positive feedback, possibly even an architectural client, so it was a good day. It’s a really nice venue. I wasn’t sure how all of the vendors and plants would mix, but it was nicely done, even with the crazy weather outside. I hope the Market goes back there again sometime.

There are three more Indie Market summer shows coming up.  I’m not sure if I will do those because I’m not crazy about outdoor shows. I’d need to invest in a tent, which isn’t a huge deal, I guess. And all three shows are in the Elmwood Village, within walking distance of my house. I’m considering the one in July, which coincides with the Buffalo Garden Walk weekend. My “botanical” cards and prints would be good for that. 

I debuted a new SafetyKut design of day lilies this weekend, and that got a lot of nice comments, especially because I had the plate on my table next to the finished product.  Having the plates and tools there catches attention - I would highly recommend doing that if you're doing a sale or show.  If I decide to do the Garden Walk show in July, I think I will bring my little press and do some demo's.
So now that the show is over, I can reclaim my dining room table, organize the studio, and start working on that series of architecturally-inspired embossing that I’ve wanted to do for a while.  Really looking forward to doing some new work!

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